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Viewing Archery in Ireland

Tuesday 06th, December


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Archery in Ireland


Archery as we know it today began in the late sixties by a small group of free minded enthusiasts starting with a club in the clontarf area branching out around Dublin to various localities and then countrywide.

Interest in the sport began to grow and in 1976 we had our first Olympian in Jim Conroy where he represented Ireland in Montreal Canada.Since those early days we have had representation at most international events throughout the years.

Numbers in the sport have steadily risen from around thirty in the early seventies to what they are today. Log on to www.archery.ie the site that contains the names and addresses of all the Archery Clubs in Ireland, you never know there could be one around the corner from you.

Universities Archery is well represented with most educational institutions containing clubs check with office administrations for details. If your college doesn’t have Archery why not set up one yourself, you will get all the encouragement and advice from us here in Shooting Style on how to get up and running.

Historical Note: The following is a list of names who were present at the 3rd ever INAF meeting in 1964 Venue, Clonee Co Meath.Mr Svejdar chairman,Miss Una Kiernan Hon Sec, Mr Wocney Hon Sec, Miss M. Shanely, Miss U. Shakespeare, Mr R.J.Hobbs,Mr N. Talbot and Fergus Kavanagh .




Archery started originally as a means of hunting in ancient times and was turned into a means of warfare and remained so, until the gun was invented.



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